Pastoral Care 12 Downloads

We provide downloads for several needs. Updating your existing software, downloading a trial version of our software, and downloading any number of free support programs that are free to use with or without Pastoral Care.

Updating your software
If you are using Pastoral Care 12, there is an Update icon on the main menu. Simply press this to check for updates. If you are using an earlier version of Pastoral Care, please choose your version from the Download Menu above.

If you are using Pastoral Care on a network, make sure you always update all computers at the same time. This will help to keep your software running in top order all the time.

Re-Installing your software
If you are a Pastoral Care 12 user and you need to install your software again, Click Here to go to our Digital Downloads page for all current version software downloads. The software from our Digital Downloads page is only useful if you have a Serial Number for your purchase. For trial versions, see below.


Download Pastoral Care 12 to take our complete package for a test
drive. You can also try out our Cloud Add On for
free so you can see
just how secure and easy our unique solution is
for remote access to
your church data. Also download the trial SmartPhone program that
adds selected
Pastoral Care contacts to a Smartphone via
Google Contacts


Download the User Manual for Pastoral Care (52Mb)

Pastoral Care 12 Church Management

Pastoral Care 12 Cloud

Pastoral Care SmartPhone Contacts



Pastoral Care Support programs are windows based software
products that can be used with Pastoral Care to further enhance
the usefulness of Pastoral Care Church Management.

However, these programs will run and function all by themselves
without the need to interact with Pastoral Care 12 at all.

Please feel free to let your church members know about these programs
as they may find them useful to use. In Particular, the Directory Program
provides church directory information on a members home computer.

Pastoral Care Communicator

Pastoral Care Directory

Pastoral Care Personal SMS

Pastoral Care SmartPhone (Free)


On your Pastoral Care 12 main menu, there is an Update Icon. You can use this for updating your Pastoral Care 12 installation.

If there is a problem with the Automatic Update process and that icon is not working for you, we have a standby process that allows you to manually download an update.

How to install our manual update file.

1: Download the file from the link (right)
2: Run the PC12 Resource Program, the icon is on your desktop.
3: Select and run the Update Program from the resource program menu.
4: Select Manually Load Update & Install, and then select the file you downloaded in step 1.