Pastoral Care 11 Downloads

Downloads provided here are for support purposes only. Pastoral Care 11 is not available for purchase.

Updating Pastoral Care 11

If you are using Pastoral Care 11, you can download the latest patch update below. If you have lost your CD, there is a download below for the full installation program.

If you are using Pastoral Care on a network, make sure you always update all computers at the same time. This will help to keep your software running in top order all the time.


Pastoral Care 11 Full Download  (545Mb)

Please note, downloading the full installation package
is only useful if you have a Pastoral Care 11 Serial Number
and a Permanent Registration Code…

Pastoral Care 11 ReadMe

Standalone Installation Instructions

Network Installation Instructions

PASTORAL CARE 11 SUPPORT PROGRAMS Pastoral Care 11 Communicator (10Mb)
  Pastoral Care 11 Directory (10Mb)


Latest Update Patch (11.00.17 –  6Mb)

PASTORAL CARE 11 Communicator

  Latest Update Patch (1Mb)

PASTORAL CARE 11 Directory

Latest Update Patch (1Mb)