Support Documents

Even if you are not a Pastoral Care user yet, we encourage you to look at some of the documentation here. These documents are designed to assist customers with self help options, and learning about new features in our software.
INFORMATION DOCUMENTS Pastoral Care 12 New Features
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Pastoral Care 12 Cloud
Pastoral Care SmartPhone Contacts
Multi User License

Standalone / Local Installation
These guides are designed to assist you to Install Pastoral Care
Software. Click for Local or Network install instructions…
Network Installation

 TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDES   Converting your old data to Pastoral Care 12  
Yes, even our software has problems from time to time! However,
we are here to help! Download these guides for your specific
area that you need help with. You can also use our help desk for direct
contact with us for more specific needs. 
    Pastoral Care 12 won’t start  

    Solving SMS problems